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Reasons to grow your social presence

Instagram likes - your way to new opportunities

Believe it or not, your presence on the social media directly affects your quality of life. It doesn't matter if you use Instagram casually or for business. Anytime you send a CV, the HR person is doing a research on the web to find more information about you and your lifestyle. Same thing happens in case of doing business with someone. Everyone is interested to know more about you before engaging into a deal. Your social presence can tell a lot about you. That's why it's important to grow your social presence, with new content and new connections. Read more

More Likes - higher trust

The number of likes on each posts adds credibility to you and your product. Psychologically speaking, we feel more comfortable buying something if someone else did it before. The likes bellow the post, directly reflects the number of appreciations. A like is a vote, more likes = more authority.

Instagram Likes - your social media currency

Someone buys likes for business, someone buys likes to boost their ego, in any situation that's a win-win case. Instagram has algorithms in place that determines which posts qualifies to be shown to your audience, and which are bound to get to the abyss of the feed. One of the factors include the engagement rate on the post. Posts that receive immediate engagement, may get into discovery feed, opening new opportunities for you and for your business. Instagram Likes are like money, the more you have, the better.

Boosting services - is it for you?

It's not a secret that all successful instagram profiles, occasionally use services like our to boost their profiles. It's almost impossible to grow organically, especially for newer accounts. Even if you do awesome content, and keep consistency in what you do, it may take months or even years to reach the entry level of an instagram influencer. You need to mix your organic growth with boosting services in order to make it with your Instagram career in this life. The rule of thumb is to go 50% / 50% proportion, where half of your numbers are organic and the other - are boosted. Keep the numbers on Instagram likes proportionally with your number of followers. We have an engagement rate calculator tool which may suggest the optimal engagement rate for your particular case.

Every public figure is using boosting service, that's the way it works. Even the most performing instagram profiles have a great chunk of their number boosted.

How safe is to buy Instagram likes

Generally speaking, the profile which receives boosting services is in safe zone. Why? You can't really control how many interactions you may receive, apart setting your profile private. If it was unsafe to use boosting services, every competitor would pay for Instagram likes in order to take you down.

Since June 19', Instagram has updated their algorithm to detect unusual burst of interactions, which may result into a shadowban. Shadowban essentially, is a counter measure to boosting services which may decrease the effectiveness of buying likes. It doesn't block your profile, the downside is - your post won't receive the credit to be displayed at the top of the feed at a given time due to boosting. However, your post will still display the likes.

How Instapal team deals with shadowbans

We apply an additional layer of security, by having an algorithm which mimics real human interactions. We deliver likes gradually, maximizing the effect of our services.

What is your service about?

We help influencers, companies and other public figures to increase the numbers of their Instagram profiles through our network of partners.

How fast will I receive the ordered service?

As soon as your payment is approved, our system queues your order. The order may start anytime between 1 minute and 12 hours, depending on service type and queued orders.

Are you services safe? Do I risk to get banned from Instagram?

Our services are 100% safe and secure. Our technology mimics the real human interaction, making your profile growth process smooth and safe. Instagram won't ever ban a profile which benefited from our services, otherwise, anyone could abuse the service to shut down competitors.

What's the difference between Regular, Premium and USA services?

Regular - your account is boosted by international instagram profiles, 30 days service warranty.
Premium - you get priority queue, faster order start, priority customer support, exposure to better quality profiles and 60 days service warranty.
USA - the followers and profiles liking your posts are located in USA.

How does Auto-Likes work?

Auto-Likes service is designed to remove the hassle of visiting our website each time you upload a new post. Our system will automatically detect your new posts, and will start to promote on autopilot.

How do I know it's not a scam?

You can use Free Trial to test our services. For any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us via chat or e-mail.

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